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    Throw Pillows In Different Colors

    Throw Pillows In Different Colors


       Color is a visual effect of light through the eyes, brain and our lived experience.Colors same as characters,bring different visual feelings and moods varying from different tones.In the same way,decorative throw pillows in different colors will have its own influence on your feeling.

       Pink feels warm and tender in life.After the cold winter,the elegant sweet pink will bring you comfort of spring.Combined with the soft velvet material,the color makes the floral throw pillows more comfortable visually and you could not enjoy it enough when touching.The Eco-Friendly digital print craft and natural floral or birds make your home cosy and you surrendered by nature.The romantic pink accent pillow will keep you company in a good mood.

       Green,a vibrant life color in summer, leads people into the green of deep forest.Together With the thick and luxury Melton wool or a shinny and smooth gauze,the 3D effect of the handmade pillows is displayed perfectly.The exquisite and high-end home textiles will bring you a tranquil and refreshing forest journey in the hot season.

       Yellow is like the rising sun,bringing hope,peace,nobility,elegance to you. 3D Sunflowers and roses in the soft yellow fabric will improve the space atmosphere and make your living room and bedroom bright and fascinating instantly.It is also a splendid,harvest and rich color,the yellow decorative pillow cover will obviously be your room focus and bring you joy of the harvest.

       Red,a hot,energetic and encouraging color,also looks joyful during the Christmas Day,New Year or any festival you wanna use it.The strong and positive red  throw pillow will be a very economical way to decorate your space with a happy mood and new look.

       Just follow your heart and fill it with your favorite color.Make your home the rest place where your heart feel at ease and you are true yourselves.

    How to Clean the 3D Flower Velvet or Suede Throw Pillow Case

    How to Clean the 3D Flower Velvet or Suede Throw Pillow Case

           Flower throw pillow case is the Eco-Friendly and Economical way to redecorate your room and update your living space.You can completely and inexpensively change its look without having to paint the walls or purchase expensive furniture, etc.After the constant or heavy use,pillow cases will get dirty with dust,scurf or oil from your hands or clothes.Therefore, it's no surprise that your toss pillow case need to be washed regularly, every one to two months or more often.

          Regular clean and wash could not only keep the flower toss pillow fresh but also prevent you from the germ.Before following these catch-all instructions, remove your pillowcase and check your pillow’s care label to see if it requires special treatment when cleaning. Some care labels may list a recommended wash cycle or even suggest hand washing over machine washing.Please kindly note wash dark colors separately,which is quite important.

           For the flower pillow without any extra decorations,put your pillow cases in the washing machine or sink directly. Add your detergent as normal. Start the wash cycle using warm water and opt for the gentle cycle, unless otherwise specified. We advise you to turn inside out if there are extra accessories like like crystal,bead,button,tassel, pom pom or other fragile decors and avoid the fading or damage to your machine.To be very kind,we think it is better that you choose the gentle hand scrub wash which is tender to the pillow case fabric.The ornament could also keep well and stay longer on your accent pillow case

        When you finish cleaning the pillow case thoroughly,gently squeeze the pillow in the rinse water to remove excess detergent.It is up to you whether you use the softener which will make the fabric more comfortable and smells nice.Keep squeezing until the majority of rinse water has left the pillow.Here we don’t think it is good to do the tumble dry cause it will do harm to the case more or less.To dry it naturally,hang it on the clothesline or clotheshorse.And then the taste of sunshine will be with your pillow.

        Please insert the filler into the cover when it is completely dry or it will get mildewed and have a bad odor.You could use the ironing machine to iron the flower petal slightly and then the shape will become exquisite and fascinating.You will have a brand new throw pillow case.

    Six Christmas Throw Pillow Design Trends for 2021

    Six Christmas Throw Pillow Design Trends for 2021

            For Each Christmas,people always rack their brains to decorate the rooms with novelty ideas.But you will also be confused in the face of the dazzled decorators.Throw pillows,which are the easy and simple items for your home decoration on the sofa,bedding or floor.The nice and unique designs will bring your room joyous festival atmosphere.

           Now we would like to recommend you some popular elements for the Christmas 2021.

     Santa Claus

              The Santa Pillow Cover is always the outstanding decorator for your room cause the Santa is the leading role for Christmas.Honestly,The ordinary print or embroidery figure may feel bored and seems common.But we could change the ordinary technique into unique crafts to make the pillow case special and interesting.Like the Santa Pillow Case we did,the Dangly feet and 3D beard is really funny. Besides the pillow,the gnome wall decor is also a good idea to make your room shinning.


         Top selection of 2021 Christmas, the nutcracker ornaments are quite popular in 2021 with its vivid and attractive shape.You will find there are quite a lot of Wooden Nutcracker Doll Soldiers which are used as cute Christmas Ornaments or to be a gift.Whether you display him from your tree or on your desk or shelf, you will love your nutcracker ornament for years to come!Here the nutcrackers Christmas pillow case is exquisitely and neatly embroidered,the bright and coordinated thread color will also add holiday atmosphere to your home.


           With Christmas Coming,the Rudolph will follow,dashing through the snow and over the fields,and the reindeer come happily with the Santa on the Sleigh.And Rudolph is the bellwether among the nine reindeer with its red nose which Penetrates the fog, like the lighthouse.The Rudolph is always the positive and encouraging role for the Christmas decoration.It is also the popular element again in 2021 and the design will provide your room with cheerful feel.

     Christmas Tree

          The Christmas Tree is always a winner for this festival,no matter printed or embroidered.It is timeless and popular among people at different ages.For this design,there is no need to make it

    Sophisticated.Brief but not simple is perfect.For Christmas 2021,you can add the shinny elements and drive away the haze and despair after the bad luck.The brighter design like below will bring bling bling feel to your room especially under the light at night.


           With this trend,your room seems to be close to nature and bring you free feel.Robin is bird of God and it also symbolize romance and happiness. Wherever the robin throw pillow is placed,it will always be the focus and feels rustic and at ease.To match the decoration style,you could also apply this element to your table with the robin runner and napkin.You could enjoy it even when you are at table.


          When the Christmas is near,how comes that there is no poinsettia ?It seems that the festival is incomplete and will be lack of Christmas color.No matter when you have a party or an activity,it is necessary and essential.Nothing else could match the fresh red during the joyful season. With this flower in your living room or bedroom,your mood will be changed with its hot passion.The pillow with the shinning pearl will be the key to its spirit.

            Christmas one of the most important and meaningful holidays.It is never too much to make your room elegant and perfect.

    How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your Room ?

    How to Choose the Right Throw Pillows for Your Room ?

    As the main decors on the sofa,attractive throw pillows seem to be the focus.They play an important role for the home decoration.The correct pillows do not only change the look of your room,make you comfortable and ease but also bring energy and vitality.

    If your room decoration style has been finished,how to choose the right decorative pillows ?

    Choose the Right Pillow Case Material

    Throw Pillows contain the pillow case and filler inside.For the insider filler,it is easy to choose between down feather or Polypropylene Cotton,which is determined based on your request for the hand feeling or touch feeling. But for the pillow case,there are different qualities like cotton,cotton linen blended,wool felt,polyester linen blended,polyester velvet or satin etc,from which you could choose it based on your own preferences,hardness,appearance or hand feeling.What is the most important is the material should be coordinated with your sofa or couch.

    For example,you should not use the satin pillow for the cotton linen sofa.And satin pillows or velvet pillow cases are well fit for the leather sofas.

     Match the Harmonious Color

    It is unavoidable that the dazzling pillow colors on the market will make you confused.And you will find all the colors are nice and amazing.To be very honest,you need to consider your space decoration style which determines the color you will pick up.Usually,the light colors like white,grey or cream will never make a mistake and they could match your style easily.You could also add some special color in different seasons.For example,the spring pink pillows could bring your room warm and romantic feeling.Some dark green color could make the hot summer cool and keep you calm down. In the Christmas holiday,a cute Christmas Pillow Case will bring happy atmosphere. 

    Determine the Correct Shape and Size

    Besides the square shape pillows,there is also the rectangle,oval,round or special shape pillows.Depending on your room, you’ll want to choose the right shape and size of your pillow.

    Generally,you should buy the pillow based on the posture and function you prefer.It will be ok when you feel comfortable to hug or lay against.In the mean time,you need to coordinate the sofa with the pillows which should occupy two thirds at most and be on the basis of human body engineering.And you could also mix the different square and oblong pillow case.

    Keep Simple but Decent

    Decorative pillows are easy to decorate your space but do not forget The Too much is as bad as too little.You should kindly note and follow the basic principle:do not mix all the complex and heavy handwork pillows together.It will be decent to choose busy and simple pillow case and keep your room from being overwhelmed. It is an art to match different accent pillows and make your room elegant and unique.

    Finally,follow your mind or your heart.You will have different feelings with different decoration styles.Like clothes,people all have their own unique understanding and taste .Home is the place where are your true self.Don’t be afraid to have fun and choose pillows that match your personality and tastes. The simple sofa is boring but when you have the unique pillows,you will love and enjoy it.

    How to Decorate Your Home Eco-Friendly but Economically ?

    How to Decorate Your Home Eco-Friendly but Economically ?

    Home is the happy place where we are our true ourselves and where we feel ease.So it is important and necessary to make our home elegant and healthy.

    Before you do the changes or decoration, maybe you wanna buy new house furnishings which will be expensive.And also the new items are not so healthy with harmful odor or other ingredient more or less.Why not decorate your room with the simple,beautiful but Eco-friendly home decors?

    Throw Pillows for Sofa

    Sofa often takes more space and looks conspicuous in your home and it is also frequently used at  to relax and meet friends.If you could choose the well matched Decorative Throw Pillows for it it,the sofa will have a new appearance.Not only do pillows add a decorative pop of color and modern design to your room, but they add a homey feel.Your space will look elegant and you will also have a good mood.

     Table Runner Sets for Dining Table

    Life Needs Rituals or it will be boring when you do the same thing everyday.It is really happy time to enjoy the meal with your families,especially when you feel exhausted after work.Try to imagine that the delicious food together with the well matched table runner and napkin set at table,you will not feel life is a mess but determined by your attitude.When you smile to life,it will reward you with sunshine.With the decorative table cloth,your dining room will like a luxurious restaurant appearance and look delicate.

    3D Animal Pillows for Floor

    People always prefer a carpet to prevent floor from dirt and make the space elegant.To be honest,it is good idea.However, it will be also difficult and troublesome to clean and wash it,which is a big work.In this case,a comfortable seat pad could offer you a good place to sit or be on your knees.And also you could use your favorite 3D animal pillow or special shaped pillow to embellish the room.An attractive door stopper is also a good helper.

     Art Decor for Wall

    Finally, no space is complete without an artwork in the room.To add some special atmosphere,it is nice to hang the unique wall decor which could make your home amazing and also coordinate with other home decors.And then the space will look like a perfect artwork.Unlike the metal, plastic,glass or wood material,the wall decors made of fabric will not hurt people or be broken when drop off.It is safe and sturdy enough to use and also last long.


    So act now.Go and choose the nice decor for your room.Your home will bring you a cosy feeling.